An Aspiring Bad Girl

Bad Girls make incredible women. Bad Girls make amazing friends. Bad Girls make change happen.

I distinctly remember the day I felt like a woman, and a damn proud one at that. It wasn’t when I was looking or feeling sexy, it wasn’t when I was being hit on at a bar and it sure as hell wasn’t when I was at societies version of the “perfect weight”. It was hauling ass from one job to the next, sweat dripping from my moustache that hadn’t been waxed and getting shit done. It was the simplest thing, but it reminded me of all the women before me that worked their butts off to get us where we are and that it is our duty to continue their work. Whenever I feel the need to change my body, I now think of all the young girls out there who need healthy body representation and whenever I’m scared to speak up, I think of the girls that don’t know they have a voice. There is change brewing in our society and we have to be consistent with it. If not for yourself, for your daughter, your mother, your best friend. Bad Girls can make change happen, I believe that with all of my heart.

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