You said it, Guy!

I made a decision a while back in my reading journey *cringes at self* that I wanted to be able to learn something from every book I read. I love knowing where we’ve come from, how much progress has been made and how far we have yet to go. It’s great for getting some perspective and also, inspiration. In school, history was by far my favourite subject – my teacher was so passionate and engaging that I could have listened to her talk all day. I loved being able to come home and chat to my dad (major history buff) in depth about topics we’re both interested in – “That World War II, am I right!?”, “Rosa Parks, what a woman!”. However, my grades in history were pretty average, considering I actually, you know, listened in this class. I could never grasp just writing facts about periods in history, I wanted to talk about the people of the time and how they were effected and why I was inspired or sympathised with them. I wanted to bring their stories to light. Enter, why I love historical fiction – it does exactly that. It also demonstrated to me that there are so many styles of writing and you just have to stick with what feels true to you… but don’t tell your teacher I said that.

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