Share the Damn Dignity


This post is mostly for the gal pals, but it really shouldn’t be, because womens economic and social independence benefits every single person. Lately I just can’t get it out of my head that there are girls out there who are the same age as me, likely a hell of a lot smarter than me but for some reason were not born into an environment that has granted them the same opportunities that I have been given. Of course this means big picture things such as education – but it also means really bloody small things, things that I basically never think about. The only times I have ever worried about having sanitary items are when I’m in an emergency sitch in the public bathroom, but in the time it takes to run to the supermarket my crisis is seemingly averted. If this isn’t too much information (it is) a run down of my period goes a little like this: for the two days leading up to it I complain about how I am suddenly the fattest woman on earth, I cry a lot but it’s definitely NOT because I’m on my period and then I complain more because I’m in ‘the worst pain imaginable’ and men suck. For about 85,000 Australian women, who have to choose between eating dinner or buying tampons, their period looks a lot different. Yes, it is ludicrous that sanitary items are labelled as ‘luxury items’ under our government but what is even more insane is that for homeless women these products actually ARE luxury items. Fuck that. Here’s a link on an incredible charity aiming to combat this atrocity  where you can donate money, drop off sanitary products or volunteer your time to provide these women with what they so desperately need. 

If you’re interested here are some other charities that are doing some amazing things: 

  • this organisation takes donations of money or clothing for women who are not able to purchase professional attire for job interviews and therefore, unable to reach economic independence. 
  • where you can make a student feel like a million bucks for a night via donating the formal dress or suit that you say you will but 100% will never wear again (Brissy based people feel free to drop yo clothes to me and I’ll donate it for you!)
  • this charity provides essential toiletries and small luxury items for those who have left domestic violence situations or other places of hardship. 

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