Four Respectable Ladies Seek Part-Time Husband


 – You’ll be into this if: you‘re secretly a respectable lady seeking a part-time husband – 

I’m a bit of a sucker for a wacky title so I was all too intrigued by this book. I didn’t entirely (okay, at all) know where this story was going to take me or the kinds of characters it would introduce, but I was so happy with where it went. This story is weird – it takes place at the end of World War One in a small Aussie town, when the influenza has just about killed everyone that it was going to and there is an apparent “shortage of husbands” going ‘round. In a time where a woman needed a man for fiscal, legal and labour reasons, it was a no brainer that these four women would advertise for a part-time husband – it’s common sense. This of course, takes the women on a bit of a crazy, often tumultuous journey. This book ain’t no Pride and Prejudice but it’s funny and charming and I really liked it – good enough for me I reckon.

Purchase it here would ya:

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