The Red Tent

~ You’ll be into it if: you call ‘fake news’ on parts of the bible ~

The Red Tent is a historical fiction like no other. It’s a bit of a tricky one to explain but I’ll give it a RED hot go (zzzzing). So the Bible, it’s a lot of men telling stories about men. Anita Diamant said to hell with that and chose to recreate one of the stories from the perspective of a woman – a woman who was portrayed only as a rape victim in the actual bible. Although this book celebrates the connection between women, it doesn’t take the women vs. men approach – women are still pitted against each other and there are some (okay like two) amazing male characters. At the forefront, is a woman named Dinah who’s life story will suck you in and leave you wanting so much more. Also, the ‘Red Tent’ refers to a literal Tent that women went to as a sanctuary for when they were on their period, a nurturing place – however, bleeding and having no sanitary items. This is still the case for so many women around the world, including Australia. Check out @sharethedignity if you’re interested in combating this nightmare.

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