Text Me When You Get Home

~ You’ll be into this if: when I say that my gal pals are my soul mates, you GET it ~

I’ve been an avid Mamamia fan/reader since I was around 16, reading articles about women’s stuff, not totally understanding while trying to hide my computer screen from teachers at school. Suffice to say, I’m all about the Mamamia podcasts too – No Filter in particular. Mia Freedman has interviewed some pretty incredible women on this podcast, I’ve learned so much from listening to these conversations that I recommend it to my friends over and over again (they haven’t told me to shut up..yet). The latest podcast is called Text Me When You Get Home – a sentence I literally said to my friend today, and most days – and it is all about female friendships, the importance of them and their evolution in our society. I’m almost ashamed to say that it is only in the last couple of years that I have realised the beauty and power of female friendship. When I was younger, other girls (even if they were my friends) felt like competition – now, they feel like a support system. It’s sort of engrained in us to be searching for that one person to spend the rest of our lives with, who is our best friend, the person we solely rely on – which is amazing, I obvi want this too 🙋 – but I think girls should also be taught to place just as much importance on finding gal pals who support, uplift and inspire them. Female friendship is somethin’ special and I’m stoked that it is now being celebrated in society. The gal who wrote the book Text Me When You Get Home in this poddy is Kayleen Schaefer, check it out! I’m gonna.

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