Modern Romance

~ You’ll be into this if: it kinda bums you out that by your age your parents were married with a baby on the way and you’re still stressing out over the text you just sent to your crush because it’s been 3 minutes and they haven’t replied… did you put too many y’s on that ‘heyy’~

If you’re an Aziz Ansari newbie, I highly recommend you check out his stand up comedy and the Netflix show he wrote and starred in called Master of None – these will give you a grasp on how hilarious and insightful this guy this. After a text that went unanswered and caused Aziz to overthink the wording of his message to the point of falling into a ‘tornado of panic and hurt and anger’ and conclude that the girls phone MUST have fallen into a river or SHE must have fallen into a river and DIED… he thought it might be a good idea to investigate the extent to which technology has changed the dating world. And why our phones have turned us into a bunch of anxiety ridden, bordering on, stalkers. Modern Romance provides actual data from scientific studies, focus groups, discussion forums and interviews with experts in sociology, psychology and human behaviour. This ain’t your usual anecdotal dating book – it gives us the hard facts on exactly why modern dating is such a confusing world to navigate. You’ll be shocked and perhaps slightly depressed at just how much harder dating has become in this technology era – but you’ll also get the sense that we’re all in this together and maybe even feel slightly less alone in this bloody weird world.

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