My Fave Cafe EVER

I tried to caption this photo something along the lines of ‘My fave cafe EVER, I totally go here all the time’ but I couldn’t because that would be a big fat lie. My brother went there and sent me the photo, I received it while watching Seinfeld on the couch. I think every now and then (or all the time if you’re game) we need to be a little more honest on social media – there’s no problem with posting photo’s you think you look bomb in or of incredible places you’ve been to, but mixing it up with some real stuff too, or simply pointing out that it took you 50 selfies to get one you liked wouldn’t hurt. The impact that social media can have on people’s self confidence is massive and I don’t know the solution, but maybe just not adding to the problem is a step in the right direction? I dunno, enjoy this photo I did in no way take.

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