Amazinger Face

~ You’ll be into this if: you’ve had or have been close to a breakdown in the beauty aisle because there are just so.many.products and you don’t know what skin type you are and the cashier is looking at you like you’re a big fat dope ~

Sorry, please excuse my obvious real life projection. For a while I was able to coast through life with pretty perfect skin and hair that simply needed to be washed and dried and I was ready for a night on the town (realistically I was like 16, so I was ready to go undie shopping with mum). This pure bliss lasted until I was 20 years old when I had the absolute pleasure of going through puberty for the second time.. jealous yet? With pimples taking over my face like it was nobody’s business, I decided to get woke on skincare. Enter, Amazinger Face by Zoe Foster -‘beauty, boss queen, wish-she’d-marry-me-already’ Blake. This book (bible, whatever you want to call it) gives you the how-to on absolutely everything to do with skincare, makeup, haircare, nails and gets really specific so that pretty much all your questions are answered. Who knew your face stopped at your boobs?! And that you finally have an excuse to sleep on a silk pillow case, not only because you’re a freakin’ queen but because it combats wrinkles! Uh, such a relief. That’s how I would describe this book – relief, because it solves ya worries but also makes you realise that all gals have similar problems to you. You’re not alone in this big beautiful world of beauty, fashun and glaring cashiers.

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