Break-up Boss

~ You’ll be into this if: you relate to any of the following stories~

One time a boyfriend tried to break up with me and I didn’t let him because I didn’t think he had valid enough reasons. I have hacked into an ex’s Facebook and proceeded to read through his messages. I have broken up with a boy at my parents house which was followed by an incredibly awkward weekend because he did.not.leave. My parents are yet to forgive me. I’ve done the drive by, the accidental run in, the drunken message and anything else you think ‘geez that’d be embarrassing’. I tell you these stories not only to ward off any of my future dating prospects but to hopefully make you feel like less of a dating dumby. I’ve learnt that in time as you become more comfortable and happy within yourself, heartbreak still hurts like a bitch but you are able to handle it a little better. Until then, I give you Break Up Boss. Written by Zoe Foster Blake, it’s a game changer. It’s got everything to get you through the initial break up, the week (or more) of trackpants and ice cream and then finally when you’ve got your groove back (which will always happen, I promise). I don’t regret (that much) the mistakes I’ve made in breakups but it sure as hell woulda been handy to have this book by my side. If the relationship is over, why not learn how to breakup like a BOSS?

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