Shannon’s Kitchen

~ You’ll be into this if: you just might punch the next person who utters the words ‘superfoods’ or ‘detox diet’ straight in the damn face ~

If you know me, you know I totally used to be that person. Freakin’ superfoods, detox drinks, supplements and room temperature lemon water was my jam (not actual jam though, too much sugar). It took me a while to realise these ‘foods’ didn’t actually make me feel any better and if anything, I just felt stressed, confused and really, really hungry. Diet culture has lead us to believe that to be healthy everything needs to be complicated and expensive whereas it’s actually really bloody simple – eat your damn vegetables, carbs are obviously gods gift to man but don’t go crazy and refined sugar is the devil. Duh! Shannon, the author of this incredible cookbook, makes healthy eating seriously simple and also fucking hilarious. As a nurse, Shannon despises fad diets but is also aware of the damage that unhealthy eating can do to your body – the recipes in this book are a middle ground where everything is delicious but you also don’t clog your arteries and die. If you don’t like to cook, Shannon has rated each recipe by how many fucks you’ll need to give to prepare them and if you’re worried about taste, she has also rated them by how nipple erecting each dish will be (the more erect the nipple, the more tasty the meal – I probably didn’t need to explain that?). Shannon isn’t trying to fool anyone, she knows that pasta is fucking awesome but sometimes you’ve just gotta have Zoodles instead because your insides are crying. I love this book because the recipes are bomb, Shannon is real as hell and just as funny and the whole book is completely inappropriate. Food, laughs and swearing – my favourite trio.

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