All The Light We Cannot See

~ You’ll be into this if: learning about history makes you feel more aware and committed to the present ~

Or at least that’s what I tell myself – instead of the fact that I have a serious addiction to historical fiction and I need help. I just think that we can learn so much from the past by identifying and noticing patterns of what they did right or alternatively, what they did very wrong. This book ticks both categories – through the two teenagers that this story surrounds we are shown morality, sacrifice, courage and love at their very purest. And obvi through war, prejudice and hate we are shown what can happen when the wrong bloody people are in charge. This story is written so beautifully and powerfully through very succinct chapters that it almost feels kinda poetic. I would love to tell you to read this book – but I think that would be enabling an addiction? (Read it)

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