Beach, Food, Beach, Food, contd.

Sri Lanka, you have my heart. My soul. And my money because I spent it all on peanut butter smoothie bowls. No regrets, living on less than $10 a day is a good challenge. If you’re thinking about Sri Lanka, stop ya bloody thinking and just do it. As we were travelling in July, the east coast (represent) is where it was at for us – Nillaveli Beach, Trincomalee and Arugam Bay. Nillaveli beach was an awesome way to kick off our coastal journey, with it being very secluded we were able to warm up our pasty bodies with a little sun before we showed them to the world – there’s not a lot in terms of restaurants/other human beings here but it was perfect for our first stop. Trincomalee is much the same in terms of quietness but definitely more options when it comes to restaurants and shops. Hot tip, in this area of Sri Lanka they don’t serve rice at night so highly recommend daily carb loading. Or, if you are as lucky as we were, your hotel owner may just cook you up a Sri Lankan feast that you will tell everybody about for the foreseeable future. You will also eat so much the other people at the hotel will congratulate you, with undertones of judgement. Moving on. Our next stop quickly went from staying five nights to ten because we were just having too much dang fun – Arugam Bay. However, the fun started AFTER the six hour bus trip it took to get there and walking around in our togs at 9pm trying to find accomodation because we unknowingly booked a hell hole of a hostel. This turned into finding an incredible hotel for not that much more $$$ – if you’re travelling on a budget like we are, we’ve realised that being less of a cheapskate when it comes to accomodation is worth it, nothing beats coming back to a nice bed and air conditioning after a sweaty day. And all days are sweaty in Asia. On our second day in A-Bay (what us locals call it) we met some pretty incredible New Zealanders who we would end up playing cards, eating food and laughing with everyday. I’ll also add food poisoning to that list that we all got from a bloody donut. Who would have thought that such a delicious food would betray us like that. Obviously I’ll still be eating donuts, it’s just going to take some time. Nevertheless, super grateful for our NZ’ers. Day 10 meant onward and inland to Ella, which we splurged and got a taxi to in the event that I vomit on other bus passengers. The first day I was bed ridden but pure jealousy of my friend sight seeing brought me out of my funk and we set out to the Lipton Tea fields with our friends and hiked a hike I’m sure I wasn’t ready for but somehow made without passing out in a bed of tea leaves. Not a bad way to go. Day three meant hiking Little Adams Peak at Sunrise (must do) and day four meant hiking Ella Rock which was absolutely stunning, and I absolutely was not mentally or physically prepared for it. However, old ladies and children were doing it so maybe this says more about my physical health than it actually being very taxing. For food, deffo check out Guru Cafe, Chill Cafe and one we didn’t get to but heard great things about called Matey Hut. Heaps of different options but it’s hard to go past the classic Sri Lankan rice and curry. Next stop, Vietnam baby! And it only took a nine hour train ride to Colombo, two hour train to the airport, four hour plane to Kuala Lumpur, seven hour lay over and another four hour plane trip! Simples! Touched down in Hanoi and we already love it here. Check ya later!

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