Jasper Jones

~ You’ll be into this if: reading To Kill a Mockingbird in school secretly changed your life ~

I say this because, this is the only other book I’ve read that tackles small town racism in that same relatable/make-you-wanna-do-better kinda way. To Kill a Mockingbird taught me to question the system, and Jasper Jones reiterated this for me. This book is an Aussie classic that took me way too long (I’m talking years) to actually pick up, but I’m a firm believer that books come to you when you’re ready for them and I’m so glad this one did. It’s a murder mystery set in a town full of gossip and prejudice, it’s eye opening and funny and beautiful and the brilliance of the way it’s written makes me feel smarter just reading it. This book will stand the test of time in the same way that Atticus Finch will always be my one true love (right?). I can’t recommend Jasper Jones highly enough, hop to it

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