Lookin’ to Purchase?

Since I’m talkin’ so damn much about books, I thought I’d let you all know where I actually purchase mine from. Growing up with a mother who worked in an independent book store I was made aware of the importance of buying books locally and the impact chain store book shops can have on these businesses. Side note, I obviously also learnt about this from the movie You’ve Got Mail, as well as my total love for Tom Hanks. I know books are expensive but for me, the reward you get from reading a really good book is just worth it. Also, listening to small book store owners talk about their passion for books makes it even more worth it. Enter, Avid Reader book store in West End – the grooviest, most welcoming book store I ever did see. From the staff, the variety of books, the coffee (yep, they have coffee) and the owner Fiona, I am in awe of this little beauty. If you’re Brissy based, you should definitely go in and take a look, if not or just feelin’ lazy, you can buy them online with these links:

Avid Reader

Where the Wild Things Are

Happy reading!