A Return to Love

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~ You’ll be into this if: you’re open minded and don’t mind a bit of self-help ~
Those who know me (I mean really know me) are aware of my obsession with Oprah. From her TV show, her podcast and most importantly her book club, I’m all over it. Enter: A Return to Love. Without trying to sound like a book club member who has only read the title, this book is all about love. And the return to it. But it really is. It reveals that there are two things in life, love and fear. And that only one of those things truly exists in this world, you just have to choose it. Approaching life from the perspective of love – from the interactions you have everyday to the big decisions in your life – is a concept that is so simple but sadly revolutionary in the culture we live in. This book shifted a lot of my perspectives and is something I have to remind myself of everyday. Thanks Oprah. And Mum, who for some reason knew I needed this book.

A Little Life

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~ You’ll be into it if: you’re emotionally stable enough ~
Really though, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone going through a tough time because it deals with some pretty heavy shit. Having said that, it’s one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. It follows the intertwined lives of four friends living and working in New York, centred around a man named Jude – whose life story is nothing short of harrowing. This book tackles the purest forms of love and hate that this world has to offer, and will stay with you long after you’ve read the last page.

So, I blog now

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I bloody love books and think I’ve read some pretty incredible ones. I know that a lot of my friends would like to read more but struggle to find ones they really love. I find book reviews annoyingly analytical when all I really want to know is what it’s about and whether it’s worth a read. So I’m writing some stuff about the books that I’ve loved and why you might too. All succinct. All a bit quirky. All my honest opinion. You may also find a sneaky podcast or magazine chucked in along the way. Follow if you’re interested, or don’t, whatever (please do).

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