Stay With Me

~ You’ll be into this if: you respect Sarah Jessica Parkers opinions as much as I do ~

SJP recommended this book, do I need to tell you anymore? Fine, I will. This story follows the life and love of a husband and wife as they desperately hope for a miracle, a child. It is all they want, and she has tried everything. Ayobami Adebayo tells a powerful tale of family, grief and motherhood. Unravelling against the social and political turbulences of 1980’s Nigeria, it is a story of jealousy, betrayal and despair and it will grip you til the very last word. Thanks to this book, I now have sleep deprivation. Gonna go take a nap, bye!

Meditation exploration

My perception of meditating has changed so much in the last couple of years – I used to think that it was something only hippies who lived in the back of their van and never washed their hair did. Or Monks. And absolutely no in between. Meditation was recommended to me when I was going through a pretty tough time and I was honestly so reluctant to try it – I was told to just start with doing five minutes each morning, which consisted of me opening my eyes every 30 seconds and questioning whether time had actually stopped. One time, I even stopped half way through the five minutes to lay on my bed because sitting in the same position for that amount of time was unachievable for my very restless and wondering mind. Regardless of how much I genuinely loathed meditating, I kept doing it every single morning because for some reason I just knew I needed to. After a couple months, five minutes turned to ten minutes and ten minutes turned to twenty minutes. The thing about meditating and the reason I think a lot of people are discouraged is because it takes a while to notice the benefits of doing it – but gradually you start to notice the pauses. By pauses I mean the moments before you react to something – time slows for a second and it causes you to change your perception of a situation and therefore, your reaction to it. A TED Talk I once listened to (said every pretentious person, ever) addressed the issue of people thinking they simply do not have the time to meditate – what they don’t understand is that meditating gives you back your time, in the time you save on stressing about little things, engaging in arguments and also it can drastically improve your health so that you literally have more time on earth. Some of the most successful people in this world – I’m talkin’ Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Oprah freakin’ Winfrey – attribute meditation to being a massive part of how they have gotten to where they are. And I absolutely attribute meditation to how I got out of a really shitty time in my life. As well as family, friends, blah blah blah. I truly believe that meditating is something that kids should be taught from a young age, in school, and that it would significantly improve their ability to deal with situations, adversity and their general wellbeing. I understand that’s a bit of a far out concept, but so was so was space travel and we bloody did that.

Modern Romance

~ You’ll be into this if: it kinda bums you out that by your age your parents were married with a baby on the way and you’re still stressing out over the text you just sent to your crush because it’s been 3 minutes and they haven’t replied… did you put too many y’s on that ‘heyy’~

If you’re an Aziz Ansari newbie, I highly recommend you check out his stand up comedy and the Netflix show he wrote and starred in called Master of None – these will give you a grasp on how hilarious and insightful this guy this. After a text that went unanswered and caused Aziz to overthink the wording of his message to the point of falling into a ‘tornado of panic and hurt and anger’ and conclude that the girls phone MUST have fallen into a river or SHE must have fallen into a river and DIED… he thought it might be a good idea to investigate the extent to which technology has changed the dating world. And why our phones have turned us into a bunch of anxiety ridden, bordering on, stalkers. Modern Romance provides actual data from scientific studies, focus groups, discussion forums and interviews with experts in sociology, psychology and human behaviour. This ain’t your usual anecdotal dating book – it gives us the hard facts on exactly why modern dating is such a confusing world to navigate. You’ll be shocked and perhaps slightly depressed at just how much harder dating has become in this technology era – but you’ll also get the sense that we’re all in this together and maybe even feel slightly less alone in this bloody weird world.

Text Me When You Get Home

~ You’ll be into this if: when I say that my gal pals are my soul mates, you GET it ~

I’ve been an avid Mamamia fan/reader since I was around 16, reading articles about women’s stuff, not totally understanding while trying to hide my computer screen from teachers at school. Suffice to say, I’m all about the Mamamia podcasts too – No Filter in particular. Mia Freedman has interviewed some pretty incredible women on this podcast, I’ve learned so much from listening to these conversations that I recommend it to my friends over and over again (they haven’t told me to shut up..yet). The latest podcast is called Text Me When You Get Home – a sentence I literally said to my friend today, and most days – and it is all about female friendships, the importance of them and their evolution in our society. I’m almost ashamed to say that it is only in the last couple of years that I have realised the beauty and power of female friendship. When I was younger, other girls (even if they were my friends) felt like competition – now, they feel like a support system. It’s sort of engrained in us to be searching for that one person to spend the rest of our lives with, who is our best friend, the person we solely rely on – which is amazing, I obvi want this too 🙋 – but I think girls should also be taught to place just as much importance on finding gal pals who support, uplift and inspire them. Female friendship is somethin’ special and I’m stoked that it is now being celebrated in society. The gal who wrote the book Text Me When You Get Home in this poddy is Kayleen Schaefer, check it out! I’m gonna.

A Fine Balance

~ You’ll be into this if: you think oldies are not only goodies but besties ~

Don’t get me wrong, I love keeping up to date with new releases but damnit I’m a sucker for a classic. A Fine Balance has been on my ‘to-read’ list for ages – for some reason I couldn’t find it in bookstores and then suddenly one day it just appeared on my bookshelf… less because of a ghost and more because my mum apparently put it there months ago, told me, reminded me and I still completely forgot. How good are mum’s! Anyway, this book is incredible. It’s set in India in 1975 when the Government had just declared a state of emergency – because of the this, the lives of four strangers get intertwined as their previous lives are completely destroyed. The book tells the story of each individual’s history and then as they come together – it shows how the human spirit is made to rise above, adapt and above all, love. So many things throughout this book moved me, but the quote that sticks with me is this: “You have to maintain a fine balance between hope and despair.. yes, in the end, it’s all a question of balance”. You know what, I tend to agree. I really didn’t ever want to put this book down and found myself furious at night when my eyes began involuntarily shutting. So yeah, I guess I recommend this book.

The Helpers


I am forever returning to this quote by Fred Rogers, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” As someone who get’s truly anxious from watching the news, this quote helped to change my perspective a little. We are constantly being inundated by horrifying news from all over the globe of human suffering in varying and terrifying degrees. I am constantly conflicted between simply not watching the news to avoid the anxiety it causes or watching it because I don’t want to become ignorant to the issues. It’s tough to go through this world with an optimistic perspective when all of this chaos seems to be getting worse and worse every day. Which is why this quote resonated with me so much – yes, this is a really scary time but I am instead choosing to see it as a hopeful time. Instead of focusing and giving attention to those who terrorise and assault, I am putting my focus on those who are supporting the victims, and instead of feeling scared for the future I am inspired to do all that I can to make a positive difference. The reason I know that we can make a difference is because so many before us have – the women who fought for the vote, the March on Washington, gun laws being implemented in Australia and even the freakin’ ban on plastic bags. Speaking as a total millennial, it is engrained in us to look to the older generations for guidance about what to do in times turmoil – but I don’t think we’re in a time where that is all that useful. Before you file an ageism suit on me, it is less to do with me being against the baby boomers and so much more to do with how inspired I feel by the younger generations that are taking action and speaking up against inequality and wrongdoings in society. In Australia, it was primarily the under 40’s that marched and rallied for LGBTQ’s right to marry whoever the heck they want and right now it is the survivors from the Florida school shooting who are leading the March For Our Lives campaign to end gun violence – even though they have every right to be traumatised, they are choosing to take their pain and doing something about it. These are the people we should be looking to, the helpers. Because of them I’m not scared, I’m inspired.