You said it, Guy!

I made a decision a while back in my reading journey *cringes at self* that I wanted to be able to learn something from every book I read. I love knowing where we’ve come from, how much progress has been made and how far we have yet to go. It’s great for getting some perspective and also, inspiration. In school, history was by far my favourite subject – my teacher was so passionate and engaging that I could have listened to her talk all day. I loved being able to come home and chat to my dad (major history buff) in depth about topics we’re both interested in – “That World War II, am I right!?”, “Rosa Parks, what a woman!”. However, my grades in history were pretty average, considering I actually, you know, listened in this class. I could never grasp just writing facts about periods in history, I wanted to talk about the people of the time and how they were effected and why I was inspired or sympathised with them. I wanted to bring their stories to light. Enter, why I love historical fiction – it does exactly that. It also demonstrated to me that there are so many styles of writing and you just have to stick with what feels true to you… but don’t tell your teacher I said that.

The Power of Now

~ You’ll be into this if: you find it tricky to be fully present (so all of us, all of us need this book) ~

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an over thinker – an example: did that person 5 years ago misunderstand that thing I said that one time? However, a few years ago I discovered this book and it revealed to me just how much power my thoughts had over my mood and my behaviour. This book was my first step in becoming more aware of my thoughts, meditation and the importance of really being in the present moment – I can honestly say that mosttttt of time I truly am. Other times I’m thinking about Dev Patel and when the hell is he making another movie? I highly recommend this book, it changed stuff for me

Breathe Magazine Australia

PSA: the latest issue of @breathemagazine_australia is out! If mindfulness and creativity get you going, you’ll love this beautiful magazine. If you’re into rumours about celebrities, the latest diets or how to get abs in under 30 seconds, Breathe ain’t for you.

As someone who jumped on the bandwagon of meditation, yoga and holistic living when it wasn’t exactly what I was surrounded with in my social setting, I’m SO glad that magazines such as Breathe are getting more attention. Not only because I believe in everything this magazine promotes, I also think it’s really cool for those who want to start living this way to see it as a bit more commonplace within society, especially for younger people. If Jerry Seinfeld thinks it’s cool to meditate, then so do I.

From me to you (and back to me)

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mum, who’s new cook book I will be stealing. My mum is so damn cute and kind that she asked for this plant-based book for her birthday because one of her friends no longer eats meat. That’s friendship. That’s love. That’s my mum.

Have had a flip through this cookbook, and it is not only visually stunning but the recipes look incredible. My stomach is ready

.. and chocolate.. and wine

I would also like to add wine and chocolate to the above list, just sayin’. In my experience (you know, the whole 21 years of it) happiness comes pretty easily if you let it. Anger, frustration and stress all take a heck of a lot of mental effort to cultivate and dwell on, whereas happiness just sort of happens when you’re not focused on all the other ‘stuff’. My favourite analogy, which comes from Shawn Achor, is that it really doesn’t matter if you’re a glass half-full or glass half-empty kinda’ person, you’ve always got a pitcher to fill the damn thing up. Aka you create your own happiness. So, on this Friday afternoon, fill her up – turn the fuckups of the week into lessons, the closed doors in to new opportunities, the embarrassments into funny stories and take the empty cup to the bar. Although I think they have their own cups there

Don’t mind if I do

Happened upon this hot pink beauty yesterday while exploring my new little neighbourhood. If I didn’t have a million and one things to do, I could have sat here for hours… instead I only sat for like two!