Half the Sky

~ You’ll be into this if: inequality really grinds your gears and you want to know exactly how you can help ~

This book inspired me endlessly. Half the Sky introduces you to some incredibly strong women from Africa to Asia and describes their stories of suffering and survival. Through their inspiring examples we learn that the key to enabling change and economic growth is through unleashing women’s potential. Kristof and Wudunn show readers that by doing a very small amount, we all have the power to change women’s lives and in turn the world. George Clooney says “It’s impossible to stand by and do nothing after reading Half the Sky” and if George Clooney tells you to do something you bloody do it.

I’m not saying a book is a better date…

But yes that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Nah, not really. I want to talk about heartbreak for a second, because it’s something that we all go through but for some reason our ego’s get in the way of us talking about it – like AS IF someone could reject me, and IF they did I totally wouldn’t even care.¬†Heartbreak’s a bitch and I’ve definitely fallen victim to the ‘I hate dating’ and ‘I wish I was a lesbian’ thoughts many a time. I hate to break it to you but I don’t necessarily think heartbreak gets any easier as you get older or the more times you go through it – however, I think the way you deal with it changes. Instead of crying in bed for a week, you do it for like a day (okay two) and then you get your shit together and go to work. Instead of being completely consumed by your sadness, you still feel it but you realise that you can simultaneously find happiness in other things. Instead of stalking their Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat AND LinkedIn, you just delete them because it hurts less. Instead of feeling like you’ll never find anyone better and just completely giving up, you’ll know that you’re being an idiot and you’ll focus on creating your own happiness until the person you’re meant to be with comes along and ADDS to it (they don’t create it, you do). The one thing that stays the same is buying a whole tub of Ben&Jerry’s and eating the entire thing, because that’s just good sense. If you’re struggling right now, know that you’re not alone, time heals everything and you will look back on this time and feel so proud of yourself for getting through it. As long as you know your worth, you can get through anything – you can even do it with a great big smile, because that’s the biggest ‘fuck you’ there is.

P.s I know the drunk call seems like a GREAT idea at the time – it’s not. It never is.

Do it, I dare ya

Everyone needs a little sunshine am I right. If I’ve learnt anything (big ‘if’) is that it’s the little things that count in life. A smile can 100% make someone’s day and a simple ‘how are you’ can save a life. Kindness is our greatest power. Imagine if Superman didn’t use his ability to fly, how fucking lame would he be.

A Fortunate Life

~ You’ll be into this if: you need some wisdom in your life ~

My mum describes this book as ‘it’s as if a wise old man is chatting to you over a cuppa’ and I think she’s hit the nail on the head. A fortunate life is the autobiography of Australian man,A.B Facey, which when reading it you wouldn’t believe it was a true story. Through the hardships of poverty, war, love and loss, this incredible man faces the end of his life truly believing he has had the most fortunate life. Whenever I’m stressed about dumb stuff, which happens more than I’d like to admit, I think about this book and this man and I feel pretty bloody stupid.

When you just can’t put the book down

If you’ve ever felt conflicted between reading a book so fast because you NEED to know what happens or reading it slow because you don’t want it to end, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Good books can greatly impact us, I really believe that. For some, merely finishing a book is an accomplishment to be proud of yourself for. Others can take away so much more. The things that move me in books teach me about what I value, the things that anger me make me look closer at why and what I can do to change things and the characters I’ve loved or hated forced me to evaluate who I surrounded myself with. And other times, it’s just nice to escape reality for a few chapters.

A cookbook bookshelf is alright by me

What’s better than a mini bookshelf dedicated entirely to cookbooks? Nothing, obviously. Genuinely one of my favourite things to do is flip through cookbooks, drool and get inspiration to create my own recipe (less because I’m creative and more because I can’t follow instructions). Cookbooks remind me of my mum, who taught me that you can express love through cooking and who’s recipe for Bolognese I will take to the grave.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

~ You’ll be into this if: you can say the name seven times fast ~

I’ll be honest, I judged this book by it’s cover (well, it’s name) and almost didn’t read it. But I was brought up better than that (hi mum) so I gave it a go, and I’m so glad I did! I won’t say too much because I think my attempt at explaining could turn you off this book but I’ll say this: this book is written as a series of letters, it shows how the written word can bring together mere strangers, as well as a bit of humour and warmth in tough times. I didn’t think I’d like this book – I thought the same thing when I tried blue cheese, so there ya go.